California 14ers

There are 13 peaks in California over 14,000ft in height. I plan to climb all 13 of them. Below is a list of the peaks and if I’ve climbed a peak the summit date.

Whitney, Mount 14,497′
Summited:September, 2008

Williamson, Mount 14,375′
Summited:June, 2009

White Mountain Peak 14,246′

North Palisade 14,242′

“Starlight Peak” 14,220′

Shasta, Mount 14,162′
Summited:August, 2008

Sill, Mount 14,153′

Polemonium Peak 14,100′

Russell, Mount 14,088′

Split Mountain 14,058′
Summited:October, 10th, 2009

Langley, Mount 14,026′
Summited:September, 2009

Tyndall, Mount 14,018′
Summited:June, 2009

Middle Palisade 14,012′

Muir, Mount 14,012′

Thunderbolt Peak 14,003′


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