Reasons to Keep a Blog and How to Get Beta Users

Number one, if you like to write and I do, then it’s fun. But as Steve Yegge outlines in his post “You Should Write Blogs” it’s also good for you. I won’t repeat Steve’s points but I do want to add one point and that is a blog is a very easy way to keep track of little tidbits of information that could otherwise be hard to refind. As an example all my posts on mono, nginx,, and mvc were written purely because I did not want have to try and find the information again or try and dredge it up from my poor memory. Instead I wrote the posts and now whenever I need to reconfigure a server to use nginx with mono and I can easily find the information on my blog. In a way it’s an extension of your memory, it’s a permanent easily searchable record of what you have done.

In that spirit I’m linking to Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins’ post, How we got 18,000 beta users in 4 weeks. Now when I need to look up how to get beta users I can simply search my blog and find this article.


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