Book Memes

Book memes
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open it to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

“Fibonacci numbers are related to the golden ratio phi and to its conjugate, which are given by the following formulas: phi = (1+sqrt(5))/2, conjugate phi = (1 – sqrt(5))/2”

I’m way too geeky 🙂 most of my books are mathematics and computer science.


One thought on “Book Memes

  1. Все это привело к массовому распространению таких компьютеров, использованию в разнообразных областях.

    All of these led to the expansion of such computers and their usage in various areas.

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