I’ve been absent mostly due to lazyness (also I’ve been having lots of fun outdoors see I’ve tried using CGAL. But everytime I end up quitting in disgust after looking at code like the following

template<class Kernel, class Container>
Polygon_2<Kernel, Container> rotate_polygon(const Polygon_2<Kernel, Container>& p, Direction_2<Kernel> dir){
CGAL::Aff_transformation_2<Kernel> t(ROTATION, dir, ERROR_FACTOR);
return CGAL::transform(t, p);

I hate working in an environment where half of your mental energy is spent parsing the syntax of the code. After years of working in good environments such as python and C#. The above code is no fun to look at.

For fun I’ve attached a figure of the typically problem when fitting polygons


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