Ad Saturation

Have we reached a local temporal maximum for ads? As you well know, ours is an ad driven world. Everywhere you look there are ads. This phenomenon has gradually come to pass in the last century. Especially now in the online world there are ads everywhere.

But I’ve noticed that in the last couple years there are a couple places where the prevalence of ads has decreased.

1. TV, the number of ads on TV hasn’t decreased but we now have DVR’s which accomplish the same purpose. I almost never watch live TV because you have to wait through the ads. It will be interesting if the number of ad free channels increases in the future because everyone has DVR’s (so TV ads would be pointless because everyone would fast forward through them).

2. Certain websites. In particular I’m thinking of Wikipedia and Google two of the most used website today. Wikipedia has absolutely no ads and Google has intelligent ads. By intelligent ads I mean that when searching for “Earth’s diameter” on Google you don’t see any ads (versus searching for “exercise equipment” which brings up lots of ads). But on Yahoo they always have ads for any search. Also the Google home page is simple and devoid of ads versus the Yahoo page which is overly complicated and not ad free.

So there is my evidence that all is not hopeless, there have been at least a couple bright spots in keeping the world from being overrun with ads 🙂


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